Making positive change — while protecting Oxford’s unique and historic character — isn’t easy. It takes a bold vision and pragmatic strategies for getting results. I think Oxford has potential to be so much more, and think together we can get there. For the past four years I’ve been guided by this vision, and would look forward to making meaningful progress in realizing it over the next four.


With responsive and proactive government we can make incredible progress, promoting a vibrant and diverse economy, investing in infrastructure to connect our community, and developing sustainably. At the same time, we must better preserve the architectural heritage and beautiful landscape that make Oxford so special.

Building on our progress in the past four years, I’m doubly committed to:

A diverse and dynamic economy. A vibrant Oxford must provide opportunity for all residents, while welcoming new people and investment. Quality of life is our advantage.

  • Growing Locally: Small businesses make Oxford distinct. I will work for creative zoning and incentives to foster local business creation and expansion, and address the issue of commercial vacancy.
  • Oxford as Destination: Visitors enrich our economy. Becoming a year-round destination would grow local business, jobs, and quality of life. I will ensure Enjoy Oxford has the support to help make this happen.
  • Investing in Innovation: Oxford’s partnership with Miami for the College@Elm project is an example of how we can pursue economic development in a way that leverages (and doesn’t sacrifice) our college town charm. This should be just the beginning.

More responsive and proactive government. We are a small town, but we shouldn’t think small. Responsive, transparent, and proactive government will unlock Oxford’s potential.

  • Clear vision and strategies for achieving them. I look forward to seeing our Comprehensive Plan revision through and institutionalizing a strategic planning model of decision-making to implement it. I also believe the City and Miami must collaborate at the highest levels to align our goals, and commit to reinvigorating that strategic leadership collaboration, with the City as equal partner.
  • More engaging government gets better results. Social media and old-fashioned outreach can better connect the City and its citizens. We’re readying a new City website, and will expand tools to connect with people where they live so they can be a bigger part of decision-making.

Infrastructure investment: Good infrastructure connects our community. Diverse transportation options can bring us all together and link us to the world.

  • Complete and Safe Streets for Everyone. Our roads must efficiently serve citizens of all ages and abilities, however they get around. I’m committed to building on our Complete Streets Policy and planning to substantially complete a network of sidewalks, bike lanes, and multi-use paths to connect all our community and the Oxford Area Trail.
  • Oxford Area Trails and Amtrak: New transport investments will expand recreation and our economy, while putting us on the map. I’m committed to see Amtrak service in Oxford in my second term, and will work to ensure the Oxford Area Trail is substantially complete, we have clear plans to complete the loop, and begin work to create spokes connecting neighborhoods and beyond.

A more sustainable future. A healthy and sustainable Oxford is a better place to live today, and will safeguard our future.

  • Preserving Our Unique Resources: Oxford enjoys beautiful urban and natural environments. Quality of life depends on their protection. I’m committed to enforcing and expanding our tree preservation ordinance, protecting riparian areas in our development codes, and better protecting our valuable open spaces.
  • Thinking Globally, Acting Locally: Sustainability is not only responsible, it’s also smart. Council has committed Oxford to neutrality, in my second term we will develop a climate action plan to get there, and make the investments (e.g. renewable energy generation) or code changes (e.g. green building standards) that make Oxford greener and innovative.

Housing for all: The City must play a more proactive role to ensure our local housing market provides greater diversity and affordability to serve a diverse population.

  • Diverse and Affordable Housing in New Development. I am committed to ensure our code requires all significant new development projects to include a diversity of housing, including by setting aside either affordable units or contributing to our Housing Trust Fund. 
  • Strategic Partnerships. Housing provision is a big job that Oxford can’t do alone. We will work with area social service providers to expand homeless and transitional housing. And I’m committed to working with Miami to resurrect its forgivable loan program or similar effort to help employees live locally.

Values: To make the world a better place, you start first at home. Oxford is a model of community, civility, and inclusiveness. But we must continually strive to do more.